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Master Commander is a file manager, which differs from the other alternatives to standard windows file manager.

Its difference in many aspects and the presence of some tools is the realisation of my needs (I missed this in other programs).

The program is available for free. Of course if You can make a donation and support growing of this project I will be delighted with this fact.


As we know, no one has ever created a perfect program, and tailored to the needs of each user. I also do not have ambitions to create a "perfect program" (if anyone ever could). However, I wish that it were a really good and very useful for You.

The program is in the process of continuous development (since 2009).

There is a saying that the program works without any errors only on the maker's machine and the problems only begin with the user.
Therefore, any suggestion and tips from You will be very valuable.

Errors can be tracked in the Bug Tracker . If you want to report any bug or have any suggestion for improvement click <<HERE>> (requires login).


The program was written in C# with Visual C# 2008 Express Edition.

To run Master Commander, you need to install .NET Framework 3.5, which you can download from here.